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art'otel Gallery

If you’re looking to explore the world of street art. Look no further. Discover the art’otel Gallery curated in partnership with Amsterdam Street Art. Home to ever-changing exhibitions and an art’beat cultural calendar of special events and workshops to be part of! From colourful pop art, to edgy street art, from intriguing portrait series, to documentary formats, this public gallery gives space to diverse styles of modern art.

Hugo Mulder dhm at art'otel Amsterdam Gallery. Exhibition: Punctilious

Current exhibition

PUNCTILIOUS|  6th April – 21st July

PUNCTILIOUS | The name Punctilious, pronounced as “punk-til-ee-us”, is derived from the Italian word “puntiglio,” which means fine point. The inspiration behind this exhibition is found in the “illegal” graffiti movement of the eighties. The artists pioneering this movement pushed boundaries and took risks, while working within tight timeframes. They approached their craft with the utmost seriousness, striving for perfection, accuracy, and punctiliousness. This exhibition presents the work of 3 renowned artists who are balancing on the thin line between absolute geniality and total madness. For The London Police, DIGITAL DOES, and Hugo Mulder DHM, every dot is thought-through, every splatter is a visual expression placed on an exact spot and every stroke has an indescribable meaning of artistic value.

The exhibition is free to visit daily 11AM – 11PM 7 April 2023 – 21 July 2023. @artotel #myartotel @amsterdamstreetart

Curious about hosting your own event in our gallery space? – check out the Meet & Celebrate page. Please note that on the following dates the gallery will be closed due to Private Events taking place. 

  • 10th May | 20:00 – 23:00
  • 11th May | 9:00 – 11:30
  • 12th May | 9:00 – 22:00
  • 14th May | 13:30 – 19:30
  • 15th May | 09:00 – 22:00
  • 20th May | 09:00 – 20:00
  • 25th May | 18:00 – 23:00
Hugo Mulder dhm at art'otel Amsterdam Gallery. Exhibition: Punctilious
Exhibition art'otel Amsterdam
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Previous exhibitions

Sexy, Smart, Creative

28th July – 24th November

It’s not about being sexy, it’s all about knowledge of the right colour combination.
It’s not about being smart, it’s all about the capacity to create unique pieces of art.

Stay away from prejudices and let creativity take over the world.

We invited 10 artists to be part of this show, famed for illegal graffiti on the streets, painting gigantic murals and creating breathtaking pieces of art. And, to top it off, these 10 artists are all women! Yet, this isn’t about feminism, activism, or equality. Or this group of women working in the so-called ‘rough men’s world’. It’s all about creativity.

La Voyage Dans La Lune

1st April 2022 – 27th July 2022

An association of astronomers has convened to listen to the plan of Professor Aemstellodami, to fly to the moon. Most of the preparation for the trip is in building the vessel and launching mechanism, which resemble a large bullet and a large gun respectively. Hitting the moon in the eye, the astronomers land safely at their destination. Much about the moon is wonderful and fantastical but also life threatening. A raw and extraordinary story told by eight astronomers through colorful layered pieces of art accompanied by industrial elements and unknown species. From Burning Man Festival, to Wastelands, and even the Berlin Urban Art Fair, the exhibition will feature a few highly recognised art pieces, and artists, as well as emerging artists and bespoke pieces created especially for this exhibit.

Naar de Gallemeizen: An Amsterdam Love Story

24th September 2021 – 31st March 2022

28 artists have interpreted the theme in their own special way, presenting a unique melting pot of passionate rebellion, thoughtful philosophies, and colourful declarations of love for the most badass, creative city in the world, Amsterdam. The line-up featured the likes of Tycho, Street Art Frankey, Selwyn Senatori and more.

DJ Faces

15th October 2019 – 22nd November 2019

For more than 12 years the Dutch photographer Jos Kottmann has been travelling the globe portraying more than a hundred DJs. Starting out as a personal collection, DJ Faces soon evolved into a historical document. ‘A family album of sorts’ as the American DJ Osunlade describes it. DJ Faces not only shows Kottmann’s musical heroes, but also captures the process of how house music developed over the years and how it spread around the world, from Detroit to Amsterdam and from London to Johannesburg.


1st December 2022 – 30th March 2023

Abrstractalizm, the latest exhibition in the art’otel Gallery is a show that will bring abstract art together with a flavour of urban culture, this time around with a mix of international names combined with our favourite Dutch artists. Abstractalizm will see 6 artists bring this theme to life, with this smaller line up giving each artist the chance to showcase even more works than ever before. Think bold colours, patterns and lines bringing that a much needed injection of life and energy into those darker winter days. Check it out daily 11AM – 11PM at the art’otel Gallery, art’otel Amsterdam.

Events at art'otel gallery

The most Creative Private Event Space

You can also hire out the art’otel gallery for your next event. From brand launches, to fashion shows, drinks receptions and dinner in a real life art-gallery – the opportunities are endless! Get in touch to plan your next event in the most creative social space in the city for up to 100 guests!

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