Date: Thu 15th June 12:00 pm
End date: Fri 15th September 12:00 pm

Location: 5&33 kitchen
Admission: €33

Sicilian Summer

Did you not make plans for summer yet or did you always want to know how a Sicilian Summer looks like? Experience your Sicilian Summer at 5&33!

5&33 is like the Sicilian kitchen a blend of cultures. With 5&33’s shared dining concept everyone gets together to share small dishes. Because of the central Mediterranean position, the Sicilian kitchen has had many influences of several countries in its kitchen. 5&33’s chef, Nadia Frisina, originates from Sicily and she’s showing her roots throughout the menu.

The Sicilian Summer kicks off on the 15th of June and takes place until the 15 September at 5&33 Kitchen and bar. You can enjoy a special Sicilian Menu, 3 courses for €33, - compiled by Chef Nadia. The menu consists mostly of fish and vegetables: the perfect ingredients for a delicious summer dinner. In the bar you can enjoy our homemade limoncello or one of the other special Sicilian cocktails. Throughout the whole evening the art curtain displays a variety of Italian movies to entertain you.

Book now: or call: + (0) 20 820 5333.